About Us

Owners Adam and Cassi Boswell opened D Fine Fitness and training center in September of 2011.​

"It was a vision that God had given us," explains Cassi. As a former stay-at-home mom, Cassi says she didn't know what to do once the kids went to school. "I started praying about it and asked God to use me. He answered. It was so blunt and to the point that I was going to open a gym."

"We broke ground the next month. This is a place of ministry; not just a gym. It's important to us that it stays family oriented with a clean atmosphere."

If you're looking for a new training center or are just beginning your fitness routine we invite you to join us at D-Fine. Whether your goal is to build muscle, endurance, or for pure enjoyment we hope that you choose D-Fine for you and family's fitness needs!